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Sometimes clichés are still true: according to surveys, men watch significantly more porn than women. There are even evolutionary reasons for this. The desire for porn movies is deeply rooted in the brain. Mirror neurons ensure that they not only heat up the libido, but also convey to the viewer that they themselves are part of the action. Everybody does it, nobody says it. At least in all public only few admit their interest in porn movies. There is a plausible, evolutionary basis for this secret passion, which even explains gender-specific differences. The desire for pornography is just as natural as the sex drive itself. And this supposed vice is just as old. There are explicit images of sex and other smut across cultures and centuries. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks painted sex pictures on their plates and bowls. The famous Indian guide to eroticism - the Kamasutra - with its multitude of illustrations certainly served not only as a teaching work, but also as a pleasure. Although the lustful gazing at itself does not serve the preservation of man, it nevertheless seems to be firmly anchored in his sexual instinct.

Evolutionary urge makes men watch pornography

Of course, this should serve the turnover rate. Those who let themselves be more excited by visual stimuli will also try harder to have sex. This is particularly important for the male sex. Since sexually transmitted diseases are relatively insignificant at least for the preservation of the breed, there is no reason for men not to sleep with as many healthy and willing women as possible - at least in evolutionary terms. If a porn film presents them with a large number of them, it is no wonder that this is a good way to heat up the male libido. With women, of course, this is somewhat different. Months of pregnancy and breastfeeding have to be invested wisely. If access is granted to the first person willing to mate, a better chance - i.e. a better genetic make-up - may be missed in the meantime. It would therefore be fatal if women were to react similarly strongly to visual pleasure stimuli.

Are VR sex movies to blame for young people not having sex?

One in eight 26 year olds has never had sex. According to a recent study, this is also due to the fact that our generation has much easier access to pornography than before. This difference is also reflected in consumer behaviour. Women watch porn much less often than men. It is difficult to determine the exact ratio of female to male pornographers. Often quite different numbers show up from survey to survey. In a survey conducted by the magazine Adult Video News, single women account for less than two percent of pornographers, while more than 70 percent are single men. Together with their partner, however, they would click on dirty sites much more frequently: according to this survey, almost 20 percent of pornographers are heterosexual couples. But there are also surveys that offer somewhat different conditions. According to the British newspaper The Sun, 66 percent of all women watch pornography - but here too mostly together with their partner. With singles, on the other hand, only about ten percent of women would regularly enjoy themselves in front of the screen. One in eight 26 year olds has never had sex. According to a recent study, this is also due to the fact that our generation has much easier access to pornography than before. The different results probably have one simple reason: women are more often ashamed of their secret passion. So there might still be some women among the deniers. This could also be indicated by the development of the surveys: In a recent telephone survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in Washington D.C., only eight percent of women admitted to their dirty secret. In 2010, however, the figure was only two percent. Pornos could also gain increasing acceptance in the womens world. Or they could simply become increasingly popular. But what makes porn movies so attractive? Recent studies suggest that its not the prospect of sex that makes pornographers so hot - its even an experience comparable to sex. This is achieved by so-called mirror neurons. They convey compassion by merely observing other people. If we see someone else injuring themselves, we can feel the pain thanks to these nerve cells. This obviously applies not only to pain or emotions - but also to pleasure and passion.

Masturbation and porn - how does it affect you?

A study by the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) has shown that brain regions with mirror neurons are more active when watching pornography - even before an erection occurs. The degree of activity even correlated with the degree of subsequent erection. The results suggest that the response in the mirror neuron system codes not only for the movement correlates of the observed actions, but also for the autonomous correlates, the authors conclude in the journal NeuroImage. The pornographer thus feels as if he is experiencing the observed sex himself. So its no wonder that many people cant let the films go. A lot of money can be made with pornography - the more real it becomes, the more. The industry is a big driver of virtual reality. While others are still working on prototypes and demo videos, there are already finished products on the market.;

Threesome Night VR

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